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Tactical Bassin' Mini Underspin

Blue Shad
Gizzard Shad
Tennessee Shad
Naked Shad

Designed with input from Matt and Tim at Tactical Bassin’, The Tactical Mini Underspin is the epitome of high-end finesse baits. This compact lure features a custom Nickel or 24k Gold willow blade that creates a tantalizing flashing and fluttering action, mimicking a wounded baitfish and triggering predatory instincts in bass.

Its miniature size and versatility make it perfect for finesse fishing techniques, allowing you to present the lure in a natural and subtle manner to even the wariest of bass. With premium components and materials, including an American-made Worth Ball-Bearing, the Tactical Mini Underspin is built to last and deliver consistent results time after time.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, the Tactical Mini Underspin is a must-have in your tackle box.

 Uses a Mustad 32833 1/0 hook. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Donnie Worley
Don’t Be Fooled By It’s Size

I have been fishing 4” swim baits all spring with very little success. I switched to this small Underspin with a 2.8” Kytech and have already caught 3 largemouth bass over 5lbs!!

Anthony Pope
Gret products

I have had a chance to use the Dirty Jig yet. But when it come to details it's spot on beautiful.