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Compact Spinnerbait

Alabama Bream
Chartreuse Shad
Golden Shiner
Magic Shad
Purple Haze
Sexy Guntersville Shad
Tactical Shad
White Chartreuse

INTRODUCING the 2024 Bassmaster Classic NEW RELEASE!

A long awaited, Dirty Jigs Compact Spinnerbait! 

Built on a small but tough frame with a .035" wire diameter. Featuring premium Hildebrandt willow blades, a 3 tone head paint scheme, a balanced head design for level tracking, and a thin cut skirt for added action! What are you waiting for!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
What the heck awesome!!!

Alabama Bream amazing color match the hatch with 6 sense divine swimbait gill dust in light stains water! Catch ‘em 7 bass in couple hrs! I’m happy and satisfied dirty jig did good job!

Harry Statham
Great Spinner Biat

Love this bait, please consider making it with colorado- indiana and colorado-willow leaf.
Thank you

Luke Holloway
Compact spinnerbait

Tried out the new compact spinnerbait in magic shad, caught about a 3.5 pound bass. Very impressed, as usual, with the colors available and quality in the bait.

Nicholas Correa
Big bites

Have absolutely enjoyed using dirty jigs lures. Have caught some of my PBS on these jigs alone and looking forward to continuing the bite

Another Grand Slam from Dirty Jigs

The only thing I can say close to negative about the new Spinner Baits is I just wish they'd have made and released them sooner! They are made from quality materials obviously being a Dirty Jig/Nichols product. They are perfectly designed and balanced, they run true and you have to try to blow them out. I've never had any brand of spinner bait that you try to retrieve fast enough, or burn em that this can't keep up with. I've been at our place on Lewis-Smith Lake the past 9 days and had to already retire a 1/2 oz tactical Shad and reorder more, this time more of same size and color. With the FFS and BFS "Trend" the compact size is perfect. The blades engage instantly when hitting the water on the fall or engaging the reel. Easy to run with a stinger hook but I've had same success w/out 1 as I've had with on others. I've caught fish running a paddle tail, zoom twin tail trailer, missile and hog farmer spunk Shad, and Crush City Freeloader. IMO when you can use that variety of trailers the bait deserves to be on deck all the time. It's my go to spinner bait now. Looking forward to seeing them release more colors, like the jig lineup.