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Shad Swim Jig Collection


Dive into the world of precision fishing with our Shad Spectrum Swim Jig Collection, a range that caters to the varying hues and behaviors of shad. This assortment of swim jigs has been curated to mirror the natural allure and movements of shad, providing you with a versatile toolkit for conquering bait-abundant waters.

The Shad Spectrum Swim Jig Bundle showcases an impressive array of ten swim jigs, each meticulously crafted to resonate with the instincts of predator fish and entice those electrifying strikes.

  1. Albino: This embodiment of elegance seamlessly blends into shad-rich surroundings, making the Albino Shad swim jig an ideal choice for pristine waters and radiant sunshine.

  2. Blue Glimmer Shad: The Blue Glimmer Shad swim jig emulates the captivating iridescence of a shimmering shad, ensuring success when fish are attuned to these baitfish in open expanses.

  3. Chartreuse Shad: A beacon of vibrancy, the Chartreuse Shad swim jig draws attention even in murkier waters, a bold choice that consistently yields results.

  4. Dirty Shad: Thriving in stained or muddy waters, the Dirty Shad swim jig's intricate blend of colors and patterns is an irresistible offering for visually reliant predators.

  5. Guntersville Shad: Conceived on Lake Guntersville, this swim jig stands out as a formidable contender in any shad-filled waters.

  6. New Sexy Shad: The New Sexy Shad swim jig capitalizes on a time-tested favorite, showcasing enticing colors and actions that provoke strikes from discerning fish.

  7. Pearl Ghost Shiner: Designed to imitate the subtle grace of a ghostly shiner, this swim jig's pearlescent allure calls in predators seeking an easy meal.

  8. Purple Haze: Making a bold statement, the Purple Haze swim jig challenges convention and has proven effective in capturing the attention of shad-hungry game fish.

  9. Tactical Shad: Crafted with strategic precision, the Tactical Shad swim jig offers an unmatched level of detail, presenting a lifelike representation that entices strikes.

  10. White: Simplicity meets versatility with the White swim jig, making it a staple for a range of conditions and a surefire choice in shad-rich environments.

Each swim jig within the Shad Spectrum Swim Jig Collection boasts a superior hook, robust construction, and high-definition skirts that replicate shad movements with uncanny accuracy. Whether you're an angling veteran or a novice explorer of fishing realms, this collection empowers you with the means to seize the day on the water.

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Best swimjig collection

Awesome swimjigs you can't go wrong with dirty jigs

Richard Haywood

Hey y’all
I’m very happy with my jigs.
I’m even more happy about the new bundles y’all are offering. I hope this is not just a one off but something that y’all will continue