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Scott Canterbury Compact Flippin' Jig

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Canterbury Craw
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Looking for tour-level performance? Then the Scott Canterbury Compact Flippin' Jig is right for you! This is a downsized version of Scott's original flipping jig and is what he uses to ensure he always puts five fish in the boat. It's all-purpose head design excels at flipping, pitching, and swimming around any type of cover for a more subtle presentation to trigger a bite.

The Scott Canterbury Compact Flippin' Jig is also loaded with a premium Gamakastu Hook that provides superior hook penetration and the power necessary to handle aggressive fish. Complete with a chip-resistant head, and an HD Thin-cut skirt, the Scott Canterbury Compact Flippin'  Jig is sure to catch some big bites.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Lewis
Scott Canterbury Flippin Jig

Scott Canterbury’s flippin jig is an excellent choice for flippin and other techniques. I’ve used these jigs for quite a while, I pair it with a V &M j-bug and catch a lot of good quality fish off them. I’m going to purchase some more of them in half ounce along with the California swim jig. These jigs have good skirt flare and good quality hooks. When I’m jig fishing, I don’t use anything else other than Dirty Jigs because they’re the best out there and I’ve fished a lot of jigs.