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Bluegill Swim Jig Collection


Introducing the ultimate bundle for anglers who love chasing big bites - the Bluegill Swim Jig Collection! This handpicked assortment of swim jigs is specifically designed to mimic the irresistible appearance of various bluegill color types.

The Bluegill Swim Jig Bundle includes an impressive lineup of eight top-tier swim jigs, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. 

  1. Alabama Bream: Emulating the natural purple and green hues of bream, this swim jig is a proven winner in clear waters and sunny conditions.

  2. Bluegill: Our brightest choice, Bluegill features a perfect mix of chartreuse, orange, and yellow. 

  3. Bluegill 2: When our standard Bluegill pattern is just too loud, reach for Bluegill 2 for a more muted presentation. 

  4. Dirty 420: When the water gets murky or stained, the Dirty 420 swim jig's contrasting colors become irresistible to big bass.

  5. Green Pumpkin: The ever-reliable green pumpkin, a staple in any angler's tackle box.

  6. Magic Craw Swirl: Don't let the name fool you, this color is perfect for matching the bluegill hatch when blue/dark green is the dominant color strain. 

  7. Warmouth: Designed to replicate the vibrant colors of Warmouth, this swim jig is perfect for enticing strikes in shallower waters.

  8. Hematoma: When the fish are targeting injured prey, the Hematoma swim jig's unique coloration and action will seal the deal.

Each swim jig in the Bluegill Swim Jig Collection boasts a premium-quality hook, sturdy construction, and expertly crafted skirts that produce an incredibly lifelike swimming motion. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner looking to upgrade your fishing game, this bundle has everything you need for a successful day on the water.

Customer Reviews

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Edward Hodges
Swim jig bundle

I fish a Highland reservoir where to bass eat a lot of bluegill. This bundle has all the colors that you need, and will get smoked. The spots absolutely love these jigs!

Bass catching bundle

I purchased the Bluegill bundle last week, these are my go to swim jigs, Dirty swim jigs are well made have a eye catching finish that's upholds to the beatings I give them, great skirt combinations in bluegill patterns for all water clarities, already put them work, 4th cast this chunk smashed it, This bundle is well worth the $, tight lines Y'all.

Kevin Meredith
First day out fire!! 🔥

Ordered this collection along with some other swim and punching jigs, upon arrival was excited to see what kind of hooks were used and the detail quality… hooks are heavy gauge and strong and looks of all of the jigs are amazing. First day out with them working around rocks and grass edges and snagged a limit using two of the jigs in this collection. Strong and got the fish in the boat with ease. Looking forward to putting more designs to the test in different conditions but so far I am very happy with these jigs, will be getting more!!