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Tactical Bassin' Finesse Swimbait Head

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Designed by Tactical Bassin's very own Matt Allen and Tim Little, the Tactical Bassin' Finesse Swimbait Jig Head will demand a permanent spot in your tackle box! Featuring a slightly lighter wire VMC hook than the Dirty Jigs Matt Allen Swimbait head, perfect for A-rigs or standalone presentations.


Sold in packs of 3.

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Knapp aka saguaro_bass_dude
Tactical Bassin Finesse Swimbait in Taiwan Sun Moon Lake!

While visitint Taiwan this Summer I used Tactical Bassin's finesse swimbait heads to catch a very rare and exotic fish in Taiwan at Sun Moon Lake called "The President's Fish"! The President's Fish has a mirror silver body, thin light forest green stripe down it's back, large eyes like the new Baitsanity / Tackelwarehouse swimbait collab, a bottom lip that is large / over bite even with it's large eye and fairly thin. They SMOKED the Tactical Bassin BFS jig head with a small OSP style swimbait. SO...if you are ever in Taiwan at Sun Moon to fish...use Tim and Matt's jig head as noted above...I need to go back and try it around weed beds to see if the snakeheads will hit it! While there a Taiwan record snakehead fish was caught 45 poundsish...which equals 35ish Taiwan CATTY (local weight..600 g per 1 catty)! Great jig head and super happy! I told them the same story on Instagram...(my handle saguaro_bass_dude....) You can see the photo of the fish on Instagram and no I am not an influencer just an old dude who loves to fish around the world! I really love Dirty Jigs Tackle just like Tim and Matt..THANK YOU for everything you do for the fishing community!

Edward P. Pelkey Jr.
Tactical Bassin Finesse Jig Head

Some of the best Jig Heads that I have fished with! The head design allows the use of a variety of swimbaits and locks them securely in place! It’s a must for your arsenal!

Joseph Loreti

Well built quality jig head. Perfect wire sized hook for those 3.8 to 4.3 Swimbaits. Dirty Jigs products are bar none!