Scott Canterbury Flippin' Jig

Alabama Craw
Black & Blue
Black Blue & Purple
Brown Craw
Canterbury Craw
Canterbury Crunch
Definite Watermelon
Dirty 420
Dirty Chartreuse
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin Craw
Magic Craw Swirl
Okeechobee 420
Old School
The Go To

The Dirty Jigs Scott Canterbury Flippin' Jig is THE most versatile jig made. 

Scott's signature design is a true all-purpose head that you can flip, pitch, or swim in any type of cover. It is backed by a 30° Gamakatsu 3X heavy wire hook that is sharp and strong.

It comes in a slew of colors that feature a durable paint job and premium high-definition skirts. Flip, pitch, and swim? Check! Grass, rocks, and wood? Check! The only check left is the one that you will get after the weigh-in.