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Pro's Picks - David Mullins

Introducing "David Mullins' Pro's Picks" - a curated selection of premium fishing gear handpicked by professional angler David Mullins. David's extensive experience on the water has led him to choose these top-notch items that are sure to enhance your fishing adventures.

  1. Tour Level Football Jig 1/2 oz - Dirty 420: Tackle the toughest conditions with the Tour Level Football Jig. At 1/2 oz, and sporting the Dirty 420 coloration, it's perfect for probing the depths and tempting the big ones to bite.

  2. Swim Jig 1/2 oz - Guntersville Shad: When it's time to chase fish in shad-rich waters, the 1/2 oz Guntersville Shad Swim Jig is David's go-to choice. Its lifelike design and substantial weight make it an irresistible option.

  3. Guppy Head 1/4 oz / 1/0 Hook - Gizzard Shad: For a finesse presentation that's hard to resist, the Gizzard Shad Guppy Head in 1/4 oz with a 1/0 hook is the perfect choice. It emulates natural prey and entices strikes from even the most cautious fish.

  4. Guppy Head 1/4 oz / 1/0 Hook - Naked Shad: Simplicity can be the key to success, and the Naked Shad Guppy Head in 1/4 oz with a 1/0 hook is proof of that. Its subtle design and weight are ideal for finesse techniques.

  5. Tactical Bassin Mini Underspin 1/4 oz - Blue Shad: Add some finesse to your presentations with the 1/4 oz Blue Shad Tactical Bassin Mini Underspin. It's perfect for when fish are targeting smaller prey.

  6. Scott Canterbury Pro Buzz Bait 1/2 oz - Aluminum Blade: For explosive surface strikes, David turns to the 1/2 oz Scott Canterbury Pro Buzz Bait with the Aluminum Blade. Its irresistible topwater action is a game-changer in the pursuit of aggressive bass.

Each item in David Mullins' Pro's Picks has been chosen for its exceptional quality, performance, and ability to adapt to various fishing scenarios. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, these selections provide you with the tools to fish like a pro.

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Quinn Bowers
Unfinished business

Caught 2 fish already on 2 of the 6 rigs