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Tour Level Pitchin' Jig

Alabama Craw
Black & Blue
Black Blue & Purple
Brown Craw
Canterbury Craw
Definite Watermelon
Dirty 420
Dirty Chartreuse
Green Pumpkin
Green Pumpkin Candy
Green Pumpkin Craw
Magic Craw Swirl
Okeechobee 420
PB & J
Super Matt Brown
The Go To
Bluegill 2
Hammerbury Craw
Molting Craw
Magic Craw Red
NorCal Craw
Okeechobee Craw
Pond Bug
Blackened Blue
When it comes to fishing around rocks, docks, and wood the Tour Level Pitchin Jig will get you in and bring the fish out! This traditional style Arkie head pitches, casts, skips, and flips hard cover like a boss. What isn't traditional is the semi-recessed line tie that makes our pitchin' jig a little more weedless than most. The durable three-layer paint scheme and highly detailed skirts will match up to any forage that bass are eating and the 5/0 Gamakatsu makes sure you hook up and get that fish to the boat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tom Mclemore
Great jig

Colors were perfect as shown in pictures. The heavy hook is great as lighter hooks tend to bend with big fish or snags.

Sean Liggins
Quality service and product

Very pleased with the craftsmanship, quality components, and price point on these jigs. Price is on par, or less than box store brands of lesser quality. Service experience was immediate and Ryan was very approachable and friendly. Delivery was prompt. Very pleased with my order. Dirty Jigs will be my jig supply go to

Ronald Hillerich

Caught a 5 lb. 10 ounce bass with it right off the bat!
Great lure!!!!

Best there is, period.

I made a large purchase of dirty jigs recently, mainly being the Tour Level Pitchin Jigs and finesse jigs. 2nd cast of the day with a 1/2oz TL in The Go To with a Bama Bug beaver on the back and got hammered. Keep in mind this was on a very pressured lake. Wasn’t a giant but a fish is a fish on this particular fishery. Proceeded to catch 6 more throughout the day on the same jig. It got drug around on chunk rock banks, pitched into heavy brush and in/around cables and docks. Never offered to get hung up. On a good day I usually lose a handful of jigs and I was able to fish the same jig all day. The heads are color matched to the skirt and the paint held up great, with just minor chipping. From now on this will be the only brand of jig I spend my money on. Can’t beat the colors and quality. In my opinion this is the best jig company on the market, period.

Eric Cothrell
Great colors

I simply catch more fish on Dirty Jigs.