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The California Swim Jig is more than just a twist on an old favorite. This jig combines all the benefits of a big swimbait with the fish catching ability of a swim jig. The result is a jig that gets bit in a wide variety of conditions backed by a hook that can handle the largest of fish. If you're ready to swim a jig for big bass this is the jig for you! The California swim jig received national attention during its inception and has already produced monster bass from coast to coast. Armed with Dirty Jig's Signature No-Jack Hook.

This Northern style swim jig features a 50 strand half-cut skirt. The small and slender profile of this jig perfectly matches small baitfish. This jig features a bullet head for better movement through vegetation and 3-D eyes for a more realistic look. Features a Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ 1X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology and a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper. Available in 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8oz.

This Coosa River style swim jig features a 50 strand full skirt that gives this bait a more bulky profile for use in dirtier water or any time bass are targeting large shad or bream. There is no light wire hook here, the 5/0 3X Mustad® hook is sharp enough to stick the fish with little effort but has all the strength of a heavy wire flipping hook. This jig features a bullet head for better movement through vegetation and 3-D eyes for a more realistic look. Available in 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8oz

Sometimes you just need a little more power. Like when you are trying to fish a swim jig through bulrushes, thick grass, and other heavy cover. This is where our No-Jack Swim Jig comes into play. It is made like our original swim jig with the same 3 layer paint job for detail and durability and dressed with our high definition skirts that match baitfish and craws to a “T” but, we added our tow truck strong No-Jack hook. That’s right, this swim jig is made to swim, hook, and rip big bass from big cover. All that’s left to do is smile for the camera.

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