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All of us have heard that less is more and this is certainly true in fishing at times. Factors like fishing pressure, time of the year, and forage size can all play a role in to proper bait selection and sometimes smaller is the answer; smaller like the Luke Clausen Compact Pitchin’ Jig. It’s 25% smaller than our Tour Level Pitchin’ Jig without sacrificing hook gap thanks to the 60° flat-eye Gamakatsu 4/0 hook. This compact designed Arkie head also features our color-matched 3 layer paint job and EXCLUSIVE high-definition TC Series Skirt that allows for more movement and flare even when cut short. This jig is full of all the things that you love about Dirty Jigs Tackle but in a compact package. Tie this on and spend less time straining water and more time hooking fish!

The finesse jigs on the market today are, well, pretty standard. Basic hook with a standard head without much thought as to the how's and why's. At Dirty Jigs Tackle, we have never accepted standard as good enough. So we sat down with Luke Clausen and created the Luke Clausen Finesse Jig. Why? Because we wanted a better finesse jig. For starters we used an exclusive Gamakatsu Low Profile Big Bite 60° hook. That hook makes it so we can center the hook shank in the head for proper balance and leave plenty of bite. In fact there is up to 70% more bite for an incredibly higher hook up ratio. Most finesse jig leave the eye sticking out way above the head. We completely recessed the eye. This keeps the head out of the way and prevents the hook from camming out for rock solid hook sets. It also makes this finesse jig come through cover with less hang ups. The high definition thin cut skirt skirt will give you a detailed compact profile to get the interest of even the pickiest of eaters and of course it comes with the durable, color-matched three layer paint job that you have come to expect from Dirty Jigs. The Luke Clausen Finesse Jig...the standard has just been raised!

One of the things that ensures success on the FLW Tour for Scott Canterbury is versatility. True to Scott’s persona, his Signature Canterbury Flippin’ Jig, is no different. This is the best all-around flippin’ jig that we have ever made! His design is a true all purpose head that you can flip, pitch, or swim in any type of cover. We paired his head with a new 30° Gamakatsu 3x heavy wire hook that is sharp and strong to get the bass out of the cover and to your boat. It comes in a slew of colors that feature a durable, color-matched 3 layer paint job and our high definition skirts that make it easy to match the forage anywhere that you wet a line. Flip, pitch, and swim? Check! Grass, rocks, and wood? Check! The only check left is the one that you will get after the weigh-in.

Details, especially the fine ones, are often the difference between success and failure. Details like knowing when getting on top of the fish isn’t the deal and pulling off and casting a jig is. Luke Clausen is someone who pays attention to details. Details like a weight forward head design featuring a wire keeper to ensure a vertical fall, a 90 degree Gamakatsu O’Shaughnessy medium wire hook that sets with ease and keeps them pinned, and a custom 60 strand thin-cut skirt that nails the perfect balance between body and flare needed when stroking or casting a jig. Coupled with the Dirty Jigs Tackle paint and you have THE BEST casting and stroking jig that you can get your hands on. Details from the mind of Luke, developed by Dirty Jigs so that we can give you the very best; The Luke Clausen Signature Series Casting Jig.

At Dirty Jigs Tackle, we are fishermen. We saw the videos of what pros are doing with buzzbaits and we got curious. So we went to Scott Canterbury and asked him to help us design the best buzzbait available and man, did he deliver. This head is designed to hold any soft plastic bait in place, cast after cast. We even include a Bruiser Bait Thrasher to get you on your way. The arm and blade configuration is designed to run as true as your heart does for bass fishing. Scott says that you can even skip this buzzbait with a soft plastic on it. Skipping a buzzbait? That’s just plain dirty!

Scott Canterbury really likes throwing a large hollow or solid body swimbait. Now that he has helped us make his Canterbury Signature Swimbait Head, he LOVES throwing those swimbaits and so will you. Featuring a 60° Mustad hook that keeps the head down and dirty bumping bottom, 3D molded eyes, realistic body lines molded into it, and a concave “back” that ensures a happy marriage of the head and swimbait body, it is all over but the high-fiving when you get the hawg to the boat. The head is available in five colors to match any swimbait out there.

There are times when you have to lighten up a little but that shouldn’t keep you from going “Hammer-bury” on the bass. Scott Canterbury’s Signature Shaky Head is designed to help you do just that. This hybrid Arkie-style head has a 60° semi-recessed horizontal line tie that is made to keep the bait up for optimum presentation. There is no other shaky head available that fishes brush piles or skips docks as well as this one does. Tie one on…it’s hammer time!

We teamed up with Matt Allen to create a Swimbait head unlike any before. Featuring a realistic weight-forward design that creates unique bait movement, a combination cone/wire keeper system that locks the bait in place, and a 30 deg Mustad hook... you won't find a more universal head design that can be burned on the surface or crawled in the depths.

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