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The Magnum Stand Up Head brings shaky head fishing to a whole new level. You can now coerce big bass out of heavy cover without fear of hook failure. Flip it into trees, grass, or work it on a ledge, there is nothing to worry about here. It can take the baddest of the bad and come out swinging. Whether you like fishing creatures, craws, or oversize worms, you're covered. Available in 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 oz. Features a cork screw keeper and a 45° 3X EWG flat eye Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ jig hook .

The Pivot Point Football Jig offers two wire loops, one as a 60 deg. line tie and the other connects to a pivoting Gamakatsu® SuperLine Offset EWG Hook. This design allows the plastic bait to freely move and float while you work the bait giving you the most natural presentation possible. Just Texas Rig your favorite soft plastic craw, creature, or worm to this head and hang on. For best results, Rig your plastic bait so it does not cover the hook eye for maximum movement.

Finesse fishing has become very popular and more and more anglers are finding new applications for this technique. The trend of "finesse" fishing with 5" and bigger worms along with craw style baits has gained a lot of attention recently. At Dirty Jigs Tackle we considered this when designing our Stand Up Finesse Head.

There are times when you have to lighten up a little but that shouldn’t keep you from going “Hammer-bury” on the bass. Scott Canterbury’s Signature Shaky Head is designed to help you do just that. This hybrid Arkie-style head has a 60° semi-recessed horizontal line tie that is made to keep the bait up for optimum presentation. There is no other shaky head available that fishes brush piles or skips docks as well as this one does. Tie one on…it’s hammer time!

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