Here's what the BUZZ is about!

One of the things that ensures success on the FLW Tour for Scott Canterbury is versatility. True to Scott’s persona, his Signature Canterbury Flippin’ Jig, is no different. This is the best all-around flippin’ jig that we have ever made! His design is a true all purpose head that you can flip, pitch, or swim in any type of cover. We paired his head with a new 30° Gamakatsu 3x heavy wire hook that is sharp and strong to get the bass out of the cover and to your boat. It comes in a slew of colors that feature a durable, color-matched 3 layer paint job and our high definition skirts that make it easy to match the forage anywhere that you wet a line. Flip, pitch, and swim? Check! Grass, rocks, and wood? Check! The only check left is the one that you will get after the weigh-in.

At Dirty Jigs Tackle, we are fishermen. We saw the videos of what pros are doing with buzzbaits and we got curious. So we went to Scott Canterbury and asked him to help us design the best buzzbait available and man, did he deliver. This head is designed to hold any soft plastic bait in place, cast after cast. We even include a Bruiser Bait Thrasher to get you on your way. The arm and blade configuration is designed to run as true as your heart does for bass fishing. Scott says that you can even skip this buzzbait with a soft plastic on it. Skipping a buzzbait? That’s just plain dirty!

Need a bulkier profile? Something that looks so fat and tasty that a greedy bass just can't help but devour it? Try the 60 Strand Skirt Now Available. The 60 Strand Skirts are available in 5 packs and will breathe new life into that football jig or flippin' jig. With more than 40 color choices available, you can pick the perfect imitation of whatever the bass are munching in your area. Don't throw out your jig that has produced time and time again just because it is has been tore up. Replace the skirt with Dirty Jigs Premium Skirts.

Let me guess, you have caught so many bass that your swim jig skirt is torn to shreds? Look no further than our 50 Strand Skirts! Make your selection from over 40 hand selected colors. The 50 Strand Skirt is the perfect pairing for the giant slaying swim jig. If you need performance, color choice, and durability, You found it! These Dirty Jig Premium skirts come 5 to a pack to keep you fishing that 'goto swim jig' for a long long time.

Delivering a few unique features of its own, the Dirty Jigs Punchin Skirt isn't just another simple twist on what's already available. For one, it has a tin insert instead of a plastic or rubber core, which can break on your tungsten weight or get cut into by braid. Available in a multitude of effective colors, each Dirty Jigs Punchin Skirt is sure to draw in the fish and produce more bites.

Heavy mats. You know the ones, right? The ones with the thick, nasty, matted grass that you know holds giant fish but it stops any regular jig dead in its tracks and leaves you scratching your head. We used to be there too until Dirty Curt designed this weapon. It features the super-strong, gorilla taming No-Jack hook that is made to fish in the heavy cover jungle. The bullet shaped head easily slips in and out of the vegetation while keeping the head upright and preventing roll-over. He also modified the hook placement to maximize the hook gap for incredible hook-up power and ratio. Of course this jig also comes with the detailed, durable paint job that Diry Jigs Tackle is known for. When you’re fishing cover this heavy, you’re in for a fight. Don’t be afraid to throw the first punch.

Based on the jig that started it all at Dirty Jigs Tackle, the Tour Level No-Jack Flippin’ Jig is the most versatile heavy cover jig on the market. It features a 30 degree vertical line tie that connects you to the heavy-duty, pull your truck out of the ditch No-Jack hook that will yank big bass from their heavy cover homes. But this jig isn’t all about brute force…with an airbrushed 3 tone paint job, detailed skirts to match any craw or baitfish, and a super tough epoxy clear coat, this jig looks as good as it fishes. Heavy cover? No worries…Get in there and get dirty.

When it comes to fishing around rocks, docks, and wood the Tour Level Pitchin’ Jig will get you in and bring the fish out!. This traditional style Arkie head pitches, casts, skips, and flips hard cover like a boss. What isn’t traditional is the semi-recessed line tie that makes our pitchin’ jig a little more weedless than most. The durable three layer paint scheme and highly detailed skirts will match up to any forage that the bass are eating and the 5/0 Mustad (4/0 in the 1/4oz) makes sure you hook up and get that fish to the boat.

The HP (High Performance) Flipping Jig is an all around work horse of a jig. We have utilized many design features into this jig to make it perform well for all flipping and pitching applications. The modified wedge designed head combined with a flat eye jig hook allows this jig to work well in and around vegetation, wood, and rocks. Along with having a design allowing this jig to come through all types of cover the head has a flattened bottom to give you that stand up defensive crayfish posture.

Every one knows how hot skirted football jigs have been on the pro circuits and with more people fishing football jigs the need for more unique colors is always growing. Look no further than our Tour Level Skirted Football jigs to solve this. Our Tour Level skirt colors have proven themselves all across the country. Features a Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ 60 ° Flat Eye 3X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology, a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper, and skirt collar that accepts our double rattle system

The football shaped head and flat eye hook of our Finesse Football jig allows the hook to ride upright at all times. This makes all the difference in getting those fish to the boat when fishing clear water with light line. Features a 60° flat eye Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ 1X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology, a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper, and skirt collar that accepts our double rattle system. Skirts come full length giving you the option of a full skirt or trim the front to achieve a slim spider cut profile

The Dirty Jigs HP (High Performance) Football Jig delivers an outstanding level of detail and precision in every element of its construction. An impermeable multi-layer powder coating covers the head of the Dirty Jigs HP Football Jig and is built to withstand constant contact with rock bluffs, sand, or gravel flats. The Dirty Jigs HP Football Jig also features a multi-colored skirt that’s tailored to create an enticing presentation and is held in place with a rubber skirt keeper. Built with a precise eyelet positioning that keeps your trailer in an optimal position, the Dirty Jigs HP Football Jig gently rocks to produce an alluring presentation that will have bass drooling.

The California Swim Jig is more than just a twist on an old favorite. This jig combines all the benefits of a big swimbait with the fish catching ability of a swim jig. The result is a jig that gets bit in a wide variety of conditions backed by a hook that can handle the largest of fish. If you're ready to swim a jig for big bass this is the jig for you! The California swim jig received national attention during its inception and has already produced monster bass from coast to coast. Armed with Dirty Jig's Signature No-Jack Hook.

This Northern style swim jig features a 50 strand half-cut skirt. The small and slender profile of this jig perfectly matches small baitfish. This jig features a bullet head for better movement through vegetation and 3-D eyes for a more realistic look. Features a Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ 1X strong jig hook with new 4.3 Microsharp Point Technology and a large lead barb plastic trailer keeper. Available in 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8oz.

This Coosa River style swim jig features a 50 strand full skirt that gives this bait a more bulky profile for use in dirtier water or any time bass are targeting large shad or bream. There is no light wire hook here, the 5/0 3X Mustad® hook is sharp enough to stick the fish with little effort but has all the strength of a heavy wire flipping hook. This jig features a bullet head for better movement through vegetation and 3-D eyes for a more realistic look. Available in 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8oz

Sometimes you just need a little more power. Like when you are trying to fish a swim jig through bulrushes, thick grass, and other heavy cover. This is where our No-Jack Swim Jig comes into play. It is made like our original swim jig with the same 3 layer paint job for detail and durability and dressed with our high definition skirts that match baitfish and craws to a “T” but, we added our tow truck strong No-Jack hook. That’s right, this swim jig is made to swim, hook, and rip big bass from big cover. All that’s left to do is smile for the camera.

The Magnum Stand Up Head brings shaky head fishing to a whole new level. You can now coerce big bass out of heavy cover without fear of hook failure. Flip it into trees, grass, or work it on a ledge, there is nothing to worry about here. It can take the baddest of the bad and come out swinging. Whether you like fishing creatures, craws, or oversize worms, you're covered. Available in 3/16, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4 oz. Features a cork screw keeper and a 45° 3X EWG flat eye Mustad® ULTRA POINT™ jig hook .

The Pivot Point Football Jig offers two wire loops, one as a 60 deg. line tie and the other connects to a pivoting Gamakatsu® SuperLine Offset EWG Hook. This design allows the plastic bait to freely move and float while you work the bait giving you the most natural presentation possible. Just Texas Rig your favorite soft plastic craw, creature, or worm to this head and hang on. For best results, Rig your plastic bait so it does not cover the hook eye for maximum movement.

Finesse fishing has become very popular and more and more anglers are finding new applications for this technique. The trend of "finesse" fishing with 5" and bigger worms along with craw style baits has gained a lot of attention recently. At Dirty Jigs Tackle we considered this when designing our Stand Up Finesse Head.

There are times when you have to lighten up a little but that shouldn’t keep you from going “Hammer-bury” on the bass. Scott Canterbury’s Signature Shaky Head is designed to help you do just that. This hybrid Arkie-style head has a 60° semi-recessed horizontal line tie that is made to keep the bait up for optimum presentation. There is no other shaky head available that fishes brush piles or skips docks as well as this one does. Tie one on…it’s hammer time!

Designed with the Umbrella/A Rig craze in mind, but also very effective for everyday swimbait fishing. The swimbait head with its 2X Mustad® jig hook will keep its shape while fighting fish, but is able to be straightened out with a strong steady pull if you hang your expensive Umbrella/A Rig up in trees or other unforgiving structures. Add that to the addition of our new Double Lock wire soft plastic keeper that you will find keeps the softest plastics on the market fixed toward the head of the jig long after your baits have been torn to shreds and you have the ultimate swimbait head for your Umbrella/A Rig.

With the tremendous success of our original swimbait head, we felt the need to design a bigger, stronger version with the trophy bass hunter in mind. Due to the upgraded 3X strong Mustad® jig hook, there will be no need to worry about putting all of your weight into that giant bass to pull her out of the nastiest structure in the lake that she is sure to live in. Add that to the addition of our new Double Lock wire soft plastic keeper that you will find keeps the softest plastics on the market fixed toward the head of the jig long after your baits have been torn to shreds and you have the ultimate swimbait head for your Umbrella/A Rig.

Scott Canterbury really likes throwing a large hollow or solid body swimbait. Now that he has helped us make his Canterbury Signature Swimbait Head, he LOVES throwing those swimbaits and so will you. Featuring a 60° Mustad hook that keeps the head down and dirty bumping bottom, 3D molded eyes, realistic body lines molded into it, and a concave “back” that ensures a happy marriage of the head and swimbait body, it is all over but the high-fiving when you get the hawg to the boat. The head is available in five colors to match any swimbait out there.

Details, especially the fine ones, are often the difference between success and failure. Details like knowing when getting on top of the fish isn’t the deal and pulling off and casting a jig is. Luke Clausen is someone who pays attention to details. Details like a weight forward head design featuring a wire keeper to ensure a vertical fall, a 90 degree Gamakatsu O’Shaughnessy medium wire hook that sets with ease and keeps them pinned, and a custom 60 strand thin-cut skirt that nails the perfect balance between body and flare needed when stroking or casting a jig. Coupled with the Dirty Jigs Tackle paint and you have THE BEST casting and stroking jig that you can get your hands on. Details from the mind of Luke, developed by Dirty Jigs so that we can give you the very best; The Luke Clausen Signature Series Casting Jig.

We teamed up with Matt Allen to create a Swimbait head unlike any before. Featuring a realistic weight-forward design that creates unique bait movement, a combination cone/wire keeper system that locks the bait in place, and a 30 deg Mustad hook... you won't find a more universal head design that can be burned on the surface or crawled in the depths.