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Luke Clausen - Winner of the Forest Wood Cup as a rookie

Trophy Hunter uses Diry Jigs at Tactical Bassin'

Getting our hands DIRTY in some new products!

The best skirts in the best colors for any situation

Combining Dirty Jigs' attention to detail with the minds of some of the best fishermen in the nation, we bring you our signature series. The anglers who developed these products brought ideas that were too unique and too important to be contained in the standard product lines.

These products have been tested and tweaked until these anglers decided they were ready. From unique hooks to custom skirt colors, these are the secrets that the best fishermen have kept to themselves for years. Now you can fish the same baits as these world class anglers and experience the difference that a tuned and detailed bait can make!

Over the past few years Dirty Jigs has grown from "a jig company" to "THE Swim Jig Company". Whether you fish a Northern-Style Swim Jig, a Coosa River-Style, or chase giants with the No-Jack and California styles, we have the best swim jig for every situation you will encounter on the water.

From finesse fishing smallmouth to power fishing for huge largemouth out of the thickest cover, these jigs and their unique hooks will stand up to the test. Combine them with industry-leading skirt colors and you'll not find a better swim jig on the market.

The pitchin' jig head is amazing in rock, wood, or anywhere else that "wedging" in to cover is an issue. When plying your way around grass, tullies, bulrushes, even bamboo, the flippin' head will push through and climb over virtually anything you put in front of it.

If matted vegetation is your cover of choice, put your trust in the punchin' jig. Set the hook with a punchin jig and breathe a sigh of relief knowing the jig hook is held firmly in place by the weedguard and that big bass can try all she wants to get it out!

These jigs combine a traditional football style head with a variety of hooks to match your fishing style. Whether your prefer a light wire round bend, a medium wire curved Big Bite Hook, or a heavy round bend, there is a hook for every application.

Dragging these jigs in mud and other loose bottom material will cause a "mud puff" that bass can't resist. Choose your favorite hook, pair it with a skirt color from our industry-leading color selection and perfectly match the prey in your local lake.

The need for better swimbait heads has become a real struggle for many fishermen . Dirty Jigs answered the call. A stout hooks is easy to find but combining with the right line tie angle is essential to getting the most action out of your swimbait.

Whether you're bumping ledges, burning through grass, or swimming an umbrella rig, these heads will give you the confidence to pursue your style and catch bigger bass. Choose the right angle for the depth you're fishing, pair it with a stout hook, and head for your local haunt to experience a properly built swimbait hook.

Whether you're bumping bottom swimming your favorite plastic or working slowly along the bottom, these head designs have you covered. The heavy wire hooks and unique color combinations far surpass the industry standards. Tighten that drag, swing harder, and put the big ones in the boat with our pivot and stand up heads!

If you are catching big bass with regularity (and you are if you are throwing Dirty Jigs) then your jigs are going to take a beating. From time to time, you will need to replace the skirt, and we have you covered! You know and love our Punchin' Skirts but we now offer 50 strand and 60 strand replacement skirts in all of our Giant-Fooling Colors.

If you’re going to fish dirty, ya might as well dress dirty too. At Dirty Jig’s Tackle, we’ve never settled for just okay nor have we ever advocated for a lack of variety so, we went to work on our clothing line. And now we have you cover! No matter what the weather brings, no matter where you go, dressing dirty has never looked so good.

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